When it all Began

From Fat to Fit

I am Matt Skelly, founder of Grow To Health.  Here is my story "DON'T GO THERE"!  As a child I had an insatiable appetite for food, so much that at the age of 10 and with a height of 4' 11' I was already 140 lbs.  My doctor encouraged me to drop 20 lbs. and that was being modest.  This problem persisted until I reached mid-way through high school.  Now until this point I suffered from low self-esteem, low self-confidence and was depressed all because of my physical appearance.  I made a pact with myself at the age of 16 that I was going to turn my lifestyle around before I went to college.  From that point on I was weight lifting everyday along with running.  My weight went from 215 lbs. 30% body fat to 145 lbs. single digits body fat.  A different health problem had now arisen.  I went from obese to exercise bulimic.   As soon as I ate a meal I felt the need to go run off the calories.  I was then what you call skinny fat.  I educated myself on how to exercise moderately while still maintaining a well-rounded life.  This drove me to my passion which is now helping others attain their fitness goals.  I want to continue to change others' lives for the better. I am now 165 lbs. 5% body fat and have a whole new appreciation for life. Currently, I am promoting health to the youth of America since that is the perfect time to create a solid healthy foundation for the youth in our country.  I feel that I have a special connection with most individuals since I have been on both sides of the health spectrum.  I can empathize with the problems that others face and want to help them achieve success.  Most people cannot find that internal drive to conquer these struggles alone.  Therefore, my life mission is to help change others perspectives on health for the better.


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Founder/Program Director: Matthew Skelly

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