The single most important factor in achieving better health and fitness is what we eat! Yes, a regular workout routine is important but if not coupled with the right nutrition we are not going to make the progress we want.


What we eat impacts our energy level, our state of mind/moods and the gains we see from each and every workout!


The body needs fuel, particularly if we are working out regularly. But not unlike trying to start a fire with green wood or overly dry wood, the type of fuel we provide the body is key.


I have worked with Epic to develop a menu of flavorful and nutritious meals that will satisfy you AND provide the nutrients you need.


I have also developed a system to deliver these meals to you to help avoid the temptation to stop at your local fast food joint when you get hungry.


It’s simple. Order once a week from the menu below (as many or as few as you like), pay online when you order and I will have your meals at the gym for you to pick up after your workout.


The right FUEL combined with the VISION and regular SUPPORT is guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Did I say guaranteed?

Why yes I did!


Orders/Payment Must be in by 3:00PM on Friday*

Pick up will be on Monday at your training session

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* I would love to accomodate menu requests, pick up, changes or delayed payments but to ensure an orderly process I ask that everybody adhere to this plan.