Ron Saucer Jr. (Co Owner of SPEC)

- "Grow To Health has been a great success at SPEC. The children are always looking forward to the time with Mr. Matt and are enthusiastic during their game time.  The staff enjoys his friendly and hardworking personality.  I never hear anything but good things from my SPEC employee's. I am glad to have Growing Into Health Programs at my facilities".


Skyler's Mom- " I see Matt when he is training at O2 fitness and he is very empathic and encouraging with his clients. My daughter goes to SPEC and I knew he would do an excellent job with the children there. My daughter would come home and always tell me when Mr. Matt came to her class and she would tell me about all the fun games he played with her class. She loves Mr. Matt!"

John's Mom- "My son learns a lot from Mr. Matt and really enjoys the act of play he implements in the program. He comes home showing me how to do jumping jacks that he learns while playing with Mr. Matt. Matt is a positive influence on John and I am so thankful to have his services at SPEC."


"I like spider dodge ball and all the games we played"-Makiya

"I like everything we did and I had a great summer with Mr. Matt"-Jazmine

​"Even when it rained and we couldn't play outside, Mr. Matt created fun games to play inside and it was a blast!"-Maddison

"I loved everything!"-Ociel

Been There!

Ann Donaldson

Dear Matthew:

"I know I was very lucky when you introduced yourself to me and offered personal training support at O2 Gym of Wilmington, N.C. You are directly responsible for helping me feel better, lose weight, gain strength and reduce sciatic nerve pain. I am in better physical shape thanks to you!

I wanted to feel stronger and healthier, especially with my daughter’s wedding this spring, but I repeatedly kept injuring myself. Prior to 2012 I had not regularly worked-out indoors or in a gym environment. As you know, I was reluctant and uncomfortable doing so. I have to hand it to you for persevering through my whining, complaining and worse! Without the customized exercise plans that you kept modifying for me and instruction on appropriate gym equipment, getting in shape would not have been possible.

I really appreciate your patience, thoughtfulness and flexibility while working with me. Your ethics and consideration of all your clients is remarkable and helps create an environment at the gym that is professional and pleasant. "

Ned Leary Photography

"A new girlfriend prompted me to get back in shape and landed with Matt at 02. Over the past year I've lost 25 lbs and am in the best shape I've been in years…OK decades! 3 workouts a week are fun, and casual yet challenging and the improvements are steady!The girlfriend has since moved on but Matt and his workouts are still on my regular schedule!"

Officer Stephen McCartney

"Matt Skelly has been training me since 2010 and with his unparalleled knowledge of nutrition and fitness I’ve been able to accomplish my health goals.  While not overweight, it was always difficult for me to stick to a fitness program.  Matt’s continual support and uplifting approach to exercise, combined with a constantly evolving individualized fitness plan he was creating, helped me to reduce body fat and gain lean muscle.  I ended up losing more than 15 lbs and with all the nutrition and fitness tips I’ve learned from him I’ve been able to keep it off for a year and a half.  Now I’m looking great and feeling even better!  These are real results from a personal trainer who knows his stuff, I can’t say enough about what he’s done for me, Matt Skelly has helped me reach all my goals!"

Meghan McCartney

"Matt is an inspiration to many especially me.  As his sister growing up, Matt was very overweight and I was the skinny one.  Not until I reached college did I start my journey of being on the overweight side.  I never realized at the time how much I let myself go until Matt came to Wilmington and started training me.  He literally transformed me back into the person I used to be.  He was very patient with me starting off and knew what my goals were.  My wedding was approaching and he knew just as much as I did that I wanted to look good on that day.  While working with Matt I lost around 20lbs and gained lean muscle in the process.  Thanks to Matt I take exercise and health more seriously.  Even living far away I remember all the things he has taught me and carry them into my everyday life.  Thank you for all that you have done for me and many other lives you touch daily.